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Automated Reputation Building Strategies

The simple and safe way to build a 5-star reputation on autopilot, while protecting your business against negative reviews!

As a business owner, protecting your business’ reputation is paramount. Your reputation precedes your business, and influences what potential customers think of your brand and if they will go ahead to do business with you.

Why Autopilot?

The truth is, reputation management is time-consuming, especially when you have to handle other matters regarding your business. Reputation management involves finding out what others have to say about your business, putting in place measures to combat negative reviews and putting out a positive business image in the public domain. All these are involving tasks that require dedication in terms of time and money.

Your business can benefit from automated reputation building strategies, which give your business the kind of reputation many brands can only dream of, while ensuring you have ample time to focus on other areas of your business. This is what an automated reputation building package contains:

  • Automatic building of a 5-star reputation for your business
  • Hands-free feedback tunnel
  • Monitoring of reviews on Google and Yelp
  • Use friendly and easy to setup

What can reviews do for your business?

Drive Revenue. Faster, Easier
Make a bigger impact on your bottom line by combining “testimoni.es” with the right marketing tactics.

Build 5-Star Reviews
Our automated funnel will increase your positive reviews online.

Saves You Time and Money
On top of saving you time that you would have spent manually managing your reputation, our automated online reputation software helps you avoid the cost of mitigating negative reviews.

About Online Reputations:

  • 97% of customers looking to buy a product or service first conduct their research online, and rarely ever visit the results on page 2. Part of reputation building involves ensuring your visibility online remains high and that people looking for you can easily find you.
  • 72% of the customers looking for recommendations on which brands to go for and which ones to avoid trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends and family. As such, it is very important to ensure that only good things are being said about you online.
  • According to a study conducted by Harvard, if your Yelp rating goes up by one star, you’re likely to see your revenue increase by five to nine percent.

How It Works

Enter Your Customer’s Name and Email Address
These will be used to automatically contact the customer. The customers are sent emails that are automatically generated, together with 7 reminder emails in case they fail to respond to previous emails. To make the process of monitoring how well your brand is doing and which are its strongest links, you can add the name of the employee who served a particular customer. This allows you to know which employees are serving your customers best.

Customer Completes a Review of Your Business
After this, the customer enters the star rating and leaves a review of the business. The customer is never required to login or share any personal information, and this means that the chance of them refusing to participate is reduced drastically. Many customers are reluctant to offer reviews of businesses if they feel like the process is long-drawn and time-consuming.

Intelligent Routing Protects Business against Negative Reviews
The automated reputation building software utilizes intelligent review routing. Here’s how this happens-if the software captures a positive review from a customer, it immediately provides the customer with links to share the positive review on the various online review platforms selected by the business owner.

Now, if it so happens that the customer does not have something nice to say about the business, and leaves a negative review, the software immediately flags this review for immediate attention. The customer is then directed to a resolution page.

More Positive Reviews Means Higher SEO Scores
Why are positive reviews so important? Positive reviews hold a lot of weight as far as search engine ranking goes. When search engines are indexing pages belonging to businesses, they look at what customers have to say about these businesses. The better the reviews, the higher you will be ranked. And the higher you are ranked, the easier it is for customers to find you. And don’t forget that the easier it is for customers to find you, the more likely they are to choose you over the competition.

Better Reviews Equal Higher Profits
So in short, our software system allows you to build a 5 star reputation online, improve and monitor employee performance, manage negative reviews and drive higher profits by connecting with your customer. And all this happens automatically, which frees you up to channel your time and energies towards other important business matters. All this happens on a single dashboard software that is available to you 24 hours a day.

Powerful Features

Our automated reputation building software comes with powerful features that every business owner should take advantage of. These include:

Highly Customizable
“testimoni.es” gives you the freedom to customize every component to suit your taste, and this includes the email funnels, positive and negative review response emails, and the length of the email funnels. It sounds like a lot of work, and you might be getting worried but don’t – everything comes pre-set up which means you’ll be up and running within minutes.

Fully Responsive
Another great feature about our automated reputation software is that it is built on a fully responsive HTML5 platform, which makes it 100 percent browser compatible on all devices-be they desktop or mobile. What this means is that your customers will be able to participate in your reputation building regardless of whatever platform they are on. And do not forget that your business’ responsiveness to different devices is a factor that is considered during search engine ranking.

Specific Platform Targeting
As a business owner, you know which review sites you want your business to appear on. Our software allows you to choose the sites to which positive reviews will be linked, boosting your ranking on these sites. The software comes with 11 review websites already set up. These include Google, Yelp, Bing, Kudzu, Yahoo, Yellow Pages and even SuperPages. You have the option to add any additional websites that you prefer, as well as update your preference list as time goes by.

Real Time Detailed Reporting
As an employer, it is necessary to know which ones of your employees is providing the best customer service. This is information that can be gathered by looking at which employee is generating the best customer reviews. The Real Time Reporting has been built into our software to enable you to ‘filter by employee’ and gain this invaluable insight.

Video Tutorials and Premium Support
Embarking on your online reputation management might seem daunting, but not with our software. We will give you access to comprehensive video tutorials to enable you know what you need to do to properly manage your account. On top of that, our support team will also be at hand to offer you any assistance that you might require.

There are also additional features and services offered and they include:

  • Complete reputation building and marketing platform
  • Full featured dashboard and feedback center
  • Automated feedback channel
  • Instant alerts to business owner
  • Smart logic review filtering system
  • Google, Yelp and Yahoo Review monitoring
  • Additional questions on negative feedback
  • External custom branded feedback page
  • 100% secure sites with SSL certificates

Why Online Reputation Management is Key:

Developing and Maintaining Brand Protection
The world today has become increasingly busier. Consumers are moving towards habits that save time while giving them value for their money, and online shopping is one of these habits. Before a consumer makes a purchase online, the one thing they are certain to do is scour online platforms for information concerning the brand they are interested in. If the information about your brand that is out there paints your product in bad light, you are losing customers on a daily basis. There is every need to ensure that only positive and encouraging reviews about your business are being posted on review websites. This is rather difficult, if not impossible, to do manually, which is why software like ReviewMeToday is so important.

Increasing Visibility
One thing about developing and maintaining your brand through ensuring only positive reviews about your brand are floating in cyber sphere is that it usually leads to a host of other desirable things. And one of these is the favorable ranking that search engines accord those businesses that get good reviews from customers. If you can get your business to the first page of the SERPS, then you are more likely to get paying customers. This is because favorable ranking boosts credibility and makes you seem trustworthy to potential clients. It is very unlikely that a customer will go to the second page to find a product they need.

Building Consumer Trust
Online reputation management is also about building consumer trust, in that you have control over what image of your business reaches the consumer. If a consumer sees conflicting reviews on different websites, they will be skeptical about your credibility. Engaging in active online reputation management enables you to build a consistent image, which in turn boosts your credibility.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Can I upload my own customer list and email them?
Yes, you may do so in the admin section.

Can I customize my feedback pages and emails?
Yes! We do provide professionally written default templates, but we also make it possible for users of our software to add their own personal touch and brand identity.

How do my customers create reviews?
Once your customer reviews your business, they will be redirected to a specific page based on their feedback rating. If the rating is negative, negative feedback will be relayed to the owner or a dedicated manager for resolution. If the rating is positive, the customer will be directed to review sites where they can share their positive experience.

Why the 14-day free trial?
We are confident in the capabilities of our software, and we want you to be confident too before you can start paying. For this reason, we want you to experience our approach to online reputation and once you are 100 percent satisfied you can then proceed to purchase our software.

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